Please visit for your 2024 tax declaration

2023 Tax return season coming to a close!.

The "per household" French Tax Return which anyone with any French income (including bank interest & rental income) or were French Tax resident should be submitted each year covering income and tax deductible expenses and need to be filed by the French deadline of early June 2023.

Our team are now available to start preparing your accounts and Tax files for the 2022 Tax year

From a U.K. point of view if you are UK resident any French income needs to be declared as part of your "Worldwide income" to H.M.R.C.

We can assist you in preparing your U.K. returns as well or provide a schedule for you or your U.K. Accountant to submit.

Even if you are making losses (for example on holiday lettings) you still need to submit your returns .

The French tax declaration system works on a "per household basis" so a couple living together normally only have to complete one return covering the entire household income.

The total household income is "averaged out" to determine the rate if Tax payable (if any)

Fortunately we can assist you in this process and can prepare your accounts, calculations & returns for a small annual charge.

French Tax Returns Limited are a U.K. based practice linked with "The Money Bureau" - a long established accountancy practice offering a range of services .

The principal, Mike Bygrave, has owned a French property for more then 15 years and splits his time between the U.K. and France.

The team working on French Tax returns specialise in the preparation and submission of French tax returns as well as general Taxation and property related issues.

  • Gite account preparation .
  • Personal Tax returns .
  • SCI and leaseback Tax returns.
  • VAT returns .
  • Micro entrepreneur registration and returns.
  • SARL account preparation & submission .
  • General Tax advice.


  • "Distance selling" VAT registration,
  • SIRET registration and cancellation
  • Capital Gains Tax calculations.
  • Tax residency advice.
  • Carte sejour assistance.
  • Tax payment advice.
  • U.K. Tax returns completed or advice given.



The "submission window" for French tax returns is normally between April and June but we can of course prepare your submission as early in the following Tax year as possible - normally as soon as you have received your December bank statements we can start the preparation process.

The French Tax system changed in recent years meaning that Taxpayers are now being asked to make "payments on account" towards their expected liability for the last Tax year and payments on account towards their 2023/24 Tax bills - it is possible to change these if your income has changed significantly.

Tax payments normally need to be made on line from a French bank account.

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